Why yes, that IS a picture of a toilet.

Bear with me. I’ve come up with a pretty decent life hack. I think it’s good enough that I’ve decided to diverge from my regular 3D printing and PID control fare, and post a picture of a toilet.

Here’s the trick: Rather than freshening the air after doing your business, plan ahead. A half-second spray into the toilet beforehand is all you need. Its a confined space, so everything gets “pre-treated,” as it were.

You use less spray, you ensure that all your foul air is treated at the source, AND you don’t need to smell your own filth. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Why yes, that IS a picture of a toilet.”

  1. Dillon says:


    This is certainly a strange article for (what I thought was) a electronics blog.

  2. Brett says:

    @dillon agreed! just a small detour from regularly scheduled programming. some ideas just need to be shared with the world; blog themes be damned!

  3. pollocagon says:

    Dude, just flush the toilet as soon as your turd has hit the water and there will be no smell.

  4. Brett says:

    @pollocagon (if that IS your real name,) that’s certainly an option. for those of us who use air-freshener (or more precisely, those of us with wives who request its use) this is an efficient solution.

    also, being fluent in spanish, I had to laugh at your name/email

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