Arduino PID Library
The goal here was to create a modular PID controller: Something that could be easily dropped into an arduino program. The tasks facing the arduino programmer are still difficult (tuning most notably,) but a huge amount of the work has been removed.

There are two parts to this project. the PID Library itself, and the Processing Frontend that allows for easier tuning / display. All code can get downloaded here.

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Arduino Offset Header

This is my second and more popular attempt at fixing the Arduino pin-spacing problem. I built a jig that bends the pins of a female through-header. Once it's soldered in place it acts as an adapter between standard and Arduino spacing.

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Earbud Wrap

I parlayed the dozens of old room keys I had laying around into a pretty decent earbud wrap. This ultimately turned into a slick geek busines card.

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Custom HDTV Mount

This was my first home improvement project in the new space. Hdtv + weird corner + hackerspace = Awesome!

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Reflow Toaster

The novel thing about this project was the use of a soldered thermistor. By surrounding the soldered termistor connections in JBWeld, it was possible to get a temperature signal even at temperatures where solder melts.

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Tire Tread Sandals

I don't know if I walk funny or something, but my soles wear out pretty often. A tread scavanged from an old tire let my favorite sandals live on.

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Bike GPS Mount

People on bikes need directions too! I only helped on this one. A friend of mine had the concept, I added a little design / construction help.

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DIY Arduino Shield
Protoshields are great. They are a bit expensive though. I put forth this instructable as an alternative. With $5 trip to radioshack and some "household" items you've got a simple protoshield

DIY offset male header

One of the arduino's headers doesn't follow the standard 0.1" spacing. this header takes care of the problem. insert it into the arduino, and you can put a standard perf-board on it. Or put it in a shield, and the shield can plug into a breadboard.

I found a way to mass-produce these. It was really complicated and nobody seemed interested. A lot more people seem interested in the female version.

Tethered Phone Retention
I travel a lot. I tether my phone all the time. It's a great tool, but it's annoying at the same time. finding a place to put it is a pain sometimes. I came up with an ultra-simple retention technique. Two rubber bands = phone neatly stowed.

"free" travel clothesline
One of the tricks to traveling light is to wash your clothes mid-trip. wash them in the sink, and leave them to dry overnight. Having a travel clothesline is key. They make great ones, but I was bored and figured I could make one too... out of rubber bands. it's been working really well.