REALLY deconstructing a Doodle Pro

I didn’t really “deconstruct” the doodle pro in the last post. I split the housing apart with a screwdriver, and I didn’t even show pictures! What a gyp. For those of you that are interested in a little more, here you go:

Doodle Pro - Layers Separated

I pulled apart the drawing panel. It looks like it’s made up of two sheets of plastic. One is embossed with a honeycomb, and the other is then fused over-top. I really had to yank to get these apart, so I’m guessing they used some heat to melt them together.

Inside there’s metal shavings and a PUTRID smelling liquid. You know how cherry, watermelon, orange, etc flavors don’t taste like the real thing? Imagine if the same people were asked to make something that smells like feet. That’s the best analogy I can think of: synthetic feet smell.

Oh man, if you could…

Now the million dollar question… could someone DIY one of these? Maybe using a clear plastic mesh and two thin sheets of the same plastic? I think the hardest part would be dealing with the liquid. It needs to be viscous enough to hold the shavings in place, it needs to be opaque, and the plastic layers need to be fused closed with the liquid in place.

If you could make one in the 3′ x 4′ range, the payoff would be huge. Even if you don’t do what I’m thinking with it, it would still make a kick-ass whiteboard replacement.

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