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10-Pin offset header for Arduino

Friday, June 15th, 2012

A few years ago, I started making offset headers for the Arduino. These headers allow you to make shields using standard-spaced perfboard, by correcting the shift of that one strangely-placed Arduino header.

With the introduction of the Leonardo, The Arduino team kept the shift of the header, but added two pins to it.

To keep up in this offset header arms race, I ordered some 10-pin headers and modified my fabrication process to accept the two extra pins. I expect these to find their way into the hands of fine retailers over the next couple of months.

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Why yes, that IS a picture of a toilet.

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Bear with me. I’ve come up with a pretty decent life hack. I think it’s good enough that I’ve decided to diverge from my regular 3D printing and PID control fare, and post a picture of a toilet.

Here’s the trick: Rather than freshening the air after doing your business, plan ahead. A half-second spray into the toilet beforehand is all you need. Its a confined space, so everything gets “pre-treated,” as it were.

You use less spray, you ensure that all your foul air is treated at the source, AND you don’t need to smell your own filth. Enjoy!

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