PID Q&A Group

Over the past week I’ve had several great conversations regarding the new PID Library, and regarding PID in general. Of course those are all in my email, so you can’t see them.

This highlights another problem with the previous version of the library. The main place for online Q&A was an unwieldy thread on the Arduino forum. You could (and can) email me of course, but that’s not how some people operate.

Google Groups
DIY PID Control

So I’m trying a little experiment. I’ve created a google group in an attempt to make the Q&A experience better for everyone. If you’ve got a question, shoot! If you’ve successfully implemented a PID, please share!

(if you hurry you can be the first person, IN THE WORLD, to post on the group)First-post prize goes to Eric Miller, who gets bonus points for not saying “first!”

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