Reflow Oven Shield [PID Showcase]

The reason I created the PID library was to make it easier for people to integrate PID control into their projects. Surprisingly, it’s actually happening! I’m starting to see a lot of really cool implementations out there. As a result, I’ve decided to start a new category of post: the PID Showcase. These are projects that make me feel that all that work was worth it.

So… here’s the first one: the Reflow Oven Controller Shield from
Reflow Oven Sheild

It integrates all the components necessary to turn a toaster oven into a reflow oven. Thermocouple Chip… LCD… buzzer… awesome. But the part that I love is how they completely owned the PID part of this project. Look at this reflow curve:


They made use of setpoint ramping to get the heating rates just right. The output is phenomenal. This came out of a toaster oven:


Excellent work!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Where can I buy one? Price? I want one.

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