PID Library makes it into (another) successful kickstarter [PID Showcase]

You may remember the espresso machine that was on kickstarter earlier this year. You know, where they asked for $20k and got $369k instead?

Well it looks like the PID Library has made it on to another wild Kickstarter ride. This time it’s with the Nomiku: an ingenious sous-vide solution. I’m a sucker for forehead-smack ideas, and this product is a great one. Rather than sell you an entire bulky unit, the Nomiku a small, easy to store, device that clips to a pot you already have.

The icing on the cake is that I know these guys. I met them at makerfaire last year and they’re great; very passionate about this stuff. Actually, it seemed like they were just passionate. about everything. I’m really glad that this is working out for them!

This is what I love about working on base-level components. I only have to do the work once, and then I get to see it crop up in tons of cool stuff. It makes me proud to know I helped those people along a little. I can only imagine how the Arduino team feels.

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