DIY Bicycle GPS Mount – Done

Mounted and Ready

Look at that sexy GPS Mount! I don’t know how it could have turned out better. In addition to figuring out how to attach it to the bike, there’s a nice coat of tool-dip sprayed on there. It’s an extra layer of scratch insurance, and it makes the mount blend in with the frame. Good stuff all around. Too bad I can’t take credit for any of it. Nice work Will!

Mount side-view

The main issue from the last post was trying to figure out how to get the holder on the bike. Looks like the old-reflector-mount path worked well.

Flush Mount Screws


The holder is attached to the reflector mount using flushed screws and lock nuts, and mounted to the bike under the headset cap. I totally thought he was going to mount it on the handlebars, but I think this works better. It’s centrally located, and away from the hands.

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