DIY Bicycle GPS Mount – Take 1


A friend of mine came up for the weekend, and he had an idea for a GPS mount for his bike. We fleshed it out a bit, and came up with this. It’s made from sheet metal scavenged from an old toaster oven.


The GPS is held really snugly on all 4 sides. The top tongue is held in place by friction, and swings out of the way for easy insertion and removal.


There’s one issue that hasn’t been completey ironed out yet. looking at the bottom of this thing, you have to ask, “How does it attach to the bike?” Don’t know yet. We didn’t have one handy, but most ideas revolved around using the mount from an old reflector; either JBWelding it straight to the bottom, or somehow using the bolt. Not sure yet. Once it gets painted / mounted I’ll post some more pictures.


We made this thing for a Garmin Nuvi, but this could be resized for any GPS. Or even – gasp – for the iPhone. Just cut the above shape out of sheet metal, substituting your device’s length width and height into “L”, “W”, and “H”. Bend along the dotted lines, with the yellow doing down, and the orange going up and over. (Click the image for a larger size.)

MAKE SURE to file down & sand all rough edges. if you do this, your device should remain unscratched. If you don’t… not so much.

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