My Take on the Credit Card Earbud Holder

Yesterday on Lifehacker they posted a forehead-smack idea. Take a credit card, cut it up a bit. You’re left with a free, light, earbud holder. I’ve got a bunch of old cards lying around, so I made one.

Bud Holder - Theirs

I Didn’t like it. My design grievances:

  • You wrap in the short direction, which means more wrapping to get the job done
  • Having the earbuds stored on either side means you need to put in each bud individually
  • It takes just as long to unwrap as it does to wrap

It needed some work to compete with my current method. The beauty of using cards is that they’re easy to work with and plentiful (in my house at least.) It only took about an hour (7-10 iterations) to settle on a winner. Meet my new earbud holder:

Bud Holder - Mine
Bud Holder - Mine

  • The earbud slots are wide and next to eachother, so you can get the buds in quickly with one motion
  • You wrap the long way, so you’re done in half the time
  • The way the plug is clipped ensures that the wrap stays put, but…
  • Because the wrap isn’t in channels, it slides right off once the plug is detached. WAY faster.

UPDATE: I went through a few more iterations and came up with an improved design.

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