Earbud-Wrap Business Card

I made one last (for now) modification to my Credit Card Earbud Holder. The wrap now ends with an over-pass that really locks everything in place. As before, it’s insanely easy to remove the wrap.

Bundle slides right off
<2 Second Removal

The other thing I realized is that, if laser cut from thin plastic, this would make a really neat business card. I don’t really feel like paying for a laser-cut version at the moment, so I just printed out a shipping label to illustrate. If you DO feel like laser cutting this bad boy, I’ve uploaded the plans to Thingiverse. (The plans will also help you if you just want to make one out of an old card)

UPDATE: I got some of these laser cut. They look amazing.

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  1. Liz Spikol says:

    Hey Brett, I love this idea. We featured it on Tek Lado as part of our Mod Monday series. Check it out: http://www.tek-lado.com/2011/05/23/mod-monday-earbud-holder-business-cards/

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